T Hub is a dynamic, forward-thinking initiative where technology matters! We serve as the core of innovation within our organization. It’s a place where best talents converge to ideate, prototype, and implement cutting-edge solutions in international projects held in Deutsche Telekom Group.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you'd rather work in a big-tech, software house or startup? At home or in an office? In the telco or IT area? In international teams or those of Poland? At T-Hub, the answer is one - YES! 

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As Bussines Analyst (Digitalization & Transformation Process) ​

You are the multiplier / contact person / consultant for topics related to digitization to ensure know-how transfer and digital progress.

Your main scope will be the Plan & Build processes as well as the provisioning workflow within the international IP units, so that later you can develop holistic process maps, digitalization of IT processes and evaluate optimization of potentials and process weaknesses. Your main scope will be the Plan & Build processes as well as the provisioning workflow within the international IP units.

In addition, you will build the bridge to other units in the international area of DT to ensure a streamlined and harmonized approach.

  • Being involved in designing and implementing the digital strategy, from strategic design through to operational implementation; quality assurance/rollout monitoring
  • Evaluating digitalization projects in quantitative/qualitative terms
  • Identifying, selecting, and implementing relevant digitalization trends and concepts, including devising appropriate draft resolutions
  • Acting as a multiplier and specialist contact on issues related to digitalization in order to ensure knowledge transfer and digital progress
  • Identifying and evaluating digital, disruptive business models
  • Carrying out market and technology research as well as competition analyses
  • Advising the business, including management, on process designs that can be automated
  • Assisting in and providing advice for change processes
  • Managing strategically aligned projects
  • Analyzing complex overall systems and existing processes to identify and evaluate optimization potential in terms of costs, efficiency, and effectiveness in the high-level strategic task area
  • Developing and implementing concepts for a holistic process map, including all interfaces (E2E)
  • Devising and implementing measures to eliminate weaknesses or gaps in processes taking new technologies into account
  • Providing advice on agile development and process engineering methods
  • Safeguarding valid quality requirements and supporting process audits
  • Ensuring and implementing measures with regard to process compliance
  • Managing and monitoring KPIs for the IT processes
  • Advancing the digitalization of IT processes Preparing and updating process and quality documentation

A fair approach to all people who want to join T Hub means that:

  • The recruitment process is transparent;
  • Our recruitment decision is based solely on an assessment of your skills (your race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, origin, disability, political view, appearance, or religion will not have any influence on yhe outcome of the process);
  • Regardless of the outcome of the process, you will get detailed feedback.

  • Working at T-Mobile’s T Hub will offer you an unique and highly rewarding experience on IT market. As a leader in the telecommunications industry, T-Mobile not only provides a platform to hone your technical skills but also empowers you to be a catalyst for innovation.
  • You'll have the opportunity to work at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, from 5G to IoT and AI, shaping the future of connectivity.
  • Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace means you'll collaborate with a wide range of talented professionals, learning and growing together. T-Mobile encourages a culture of continuous learning and development, offering mentorship and support to help you thrive in your career.

  • 3+ years’ experience with process and workflow optimization and automation
  • Knowledge of technology, procedures and use of artificial intelligence (e.g. language technology (ASR, TTS), natural language processing / understanding, dialog management, image recognition, biometrics); ability to integrate these methods into processes and products in a future-oriented manner and thus optimize them. (Artificial Intelligence AI) - Nice to have!
  • Knowledge of business market concepts and principles; ability to utilize the processes, tools and techniques for gathering, analyzing, and communicating information about the competitive environment. (Competition analysis)
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques to deploy software, hardware, processes or systems; ability to introduce/implement/roll out those to all applicable areas of an organization, following a manual or automated process. (Deployment)
  • Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for automation of processes as well as suitable software- solutions / IT-tools; ability to assess processes and process steps with regards to their potential for automation, design of automated processes and definition of IT requirements. (Process automation)
  • Knowledge of effective project management methods, strategies and tactics (e.g., PMI method, SAFe method/Scaled Agile Framework, etc.); ability to plan, organize, coordinate, monitor and control projects, ensuring efficient utilization of technical and administrative resources to achieve project objectives (Project management)
  • Knowledge of different training approaches, didactics, tools and procedures (e. g. elearning, web conferences, small and large group formats) for conveying learning content (presence and virtual); ability to create stimulating learning offers (e. g. gamification, video tutorials, collegial counselling), to prepare and convey these in a target-group-oriented manner and to ensure the transfer of learning. 
  • Knowledge from market research about the targeted detection of evolving trends in all areas of life; ability and keenness to discover the latest and most sustainable trends and innovation potentials for the company and to recognize in time, what drives and admires the respective target group, from which successful products can be derived.) (Trend scouting)
  • Knowledge of innovation potentials (e.g. technical requirements, ability to work in a team, motivation, cooperation, group work), of the design of an innovation climate (e.g. promoting willingness to innovate through leadership, organizational development) and of innovation processes; ability to reflect on and evaluate current innovations in the market, to develop new ideas and initiatives to improve the performance of the company, the team or the unit. (Ability to innovate)
  • Knowledge of job-related concepts, tools/media, techniques and methods (e.g., storytelling) for effective and appropriate orally and written communication; ability to effectively convey, receive (active listening) and accurately interpret ideas, information and needs using the appropriate communication methods and to effectively engage with different talking partners (e.g., customers, stakeholders, colleagues). (Communications)
  • Knowledge of the methods to develop a holistic view; ability to develop a complete overview of a given subject in a complex environment, considering its context and all its relevant aspects and implications to e.g., technology, business, customers and regulatory as well as the ability to consider sustainable and robust solutions that will last over time. 

Cześć, tu T-Mobile! 

Jesteśmy firmą technologiczną, a naszym celem jest tworzenie innowacyjnych rozwiązań dla klientów indywidualnych i biznesowych. Jako jedni z pierwszych udostępniliśmy na rynku sieć 5G, oferujemy najlepszej jakości usługi mobilne, a dzięki kilkunastu Data Center zapewniamy całe spektrum usług ICT. Oferujemy wiele usług z zakresu rozwiązań chmurowych oraz cyber bezpieczeństwa. 

W T-Mobile wszyscy żyjemy w świecie magenta! Kolor ten jest nam bliski, bo oznacza wiarę w powodzenie podejmowanych działań, pewność siebie i wytrzymałość. Właśnie tacy jesteśmy jako zespół. W #MagentaTeam stawiamy na wymianę doświadczeń, zwinną pracę i szybko adaptujemy się do zmian

T-Mobile to nie tylko praca. Tworzymy prawdziwą społeczność. Uwielbiamy się łączyć... i nie przestajemy się dzielić – tym, co mamy najlepsze:

  • #MagentaTeam- Fantastyczny zespół ludzi z pasją
  • #Agile- Najnowsze technologie i innowacyjne projekty
  • #StoLat- Dodatkowy dzień urlopu z okazji urodzin lub imienin
  • #Nagrody- Liczne konkursy
  • #ZnamTalent- Program poleceń pracowniczych

Szukasz pracy? Sprawdź co nowego na magentateam.pl i aplikuj, aby samemu doświadczyć naszych magentowych możliwości.