Develocraft is currently looking for a Senior Back-end Developer for one of our international clients. You will work in a project regarding models and analysis centred on economic forecasts, risk assessments and speciality maritime and trade data products. Economic forecasts cover the standard macroeconomic indicators to commodities pricing to world trade flow forecasts and everything in between. Risk assessments cover risks that range from political violence to civil unrest to violent crime risk, and we do this from the level of the nation.

As a developer on our team, you will be:

  • You will be overseeing the transformation of existing prototypes into a market-ready product.
  • You will be proposing best practices and incorporating knowledge of industry trends.
  • You will be experimenting with and developing the API and backend application.
  • You will be addressing defects in the API and system.
  • You will be collaborating with data scientists on the interface and OpenAPI specifications.
  • You will be conducting unit testing.
  • You will be engaging in cross-team project meetings, code reviews, and demos in an agile environment.


  • Online Platforms for self-development, training and conference budget
  • Private medical care, Insurance, Multisport Card

Hard skills:

  • Minimum of 5 years in active software development.
  • Specialize in application and infrastructure design.
  • Highly skilled in Python (versions 3.9-3.11) and Flask/FAST API.
  • Capable of generating Swagger/OpenAPI specification code.
  • Profound understanding of SQL and NoSQL technologies.
  • Proficient in AWS, including EC2/ECS/Fargate, ECR, Lambda/MWAA, S3, Cognito, Dynamodb, Aurora, Cloudwatch, Secrets-manager, SQS.
  • Experienced in Unit Testing TDD and dockerized integration testing.
  • Familiar with Java.
  • English language - B2

Soft skills:

  • Flexibility - Ability to work in an agile and fast-paced environment
  • Openness to people, change and new technologies 
  • Ability to identify problems and be resourceful in solving them 
  • Motivation to bring the project to the next level of quality 
  • Ability to analyse the most important information and propose the best solutions
  • Team player

Additionally, scores:

  • Basic understanding of Bayesian networks and probability beneficial.
  • Experience collaborating with data scientists or ML Ops.
  • Adaptability to iterative product development, changing features, and evolving requirements.
  • Proficient in data version control (DVC) and model management.
  • Advanced proficiency in Python.
  • Acquainted with Docker/K8s.
  • Extensive expertise in Git and Gitlab CI/CD.
  • Exceptional communication skills, inventive, collaborative, proficient in pair programming, especially in a geographically distributed team.
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science/Engineering.



Hello, Sailor! We’ve been expecting you. Our cult of 80 is still hungry for new believers.

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