The person on the given job position will be responsible for the analysis of business/system requirements, creating requirements and technical documentation, being the basis for software development, the scope of the tests and final user’s instruction. The other responsibility on this position will be communication with Product Owners, Analysts as well as Programmers and Testers from technical departments responsible for constructions of key systems elements.

Experience in requirements engineering: 

  • Analyzing and decomposing higher level (business, solution or system) requirements into specialized system / technical requirements; 
  • Communicating and detailing user stories through backlog refinement sessions with Development team; 
  • Talking directly to Engineers and translating requirements to technical specifications; ○ Facilitating requirements changes; 
  • Knowledge and understanding of system to system interfacing technologies (e.g. REST, XML, JSON, CAN, Zigbee). 

Experience in creating technical documentation in IT projects: 

  • Maintaining assigned technical documentation; 
  • Collection and requirements specification for IT development teams; 
  • Establishing and maintaining connections between requirements ; 
  • JIRA/Confluence (Atlassian tools). 

Experience in IT projects: 

  • Knowledge of the software development projects and work in Agile environment; 
  • Basic management and product lifecycle knowledge; 
  • 2 years of experience in IT projects welcome; 
  • Collaboration between multiple teams. 
  • Very good communication skills; 
  • Decision-making skills; 
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving; 
  • Fluent English.

Nice to have: 

  • Experience in API and/or IoT projects; 
  • Experience in Data Analytics; 
  • German language knowledge would be a plus;
  • Continuous improvement attitude.

We are a family business, 100% managed by the Viessmann family.

We work with the mission of changing the world for the better in the face of climate change.

We contribute to the success of Viessmann, we develop proprietary software.

Our applications are market leaders in optimizing energy consumption in homes around the world. We make use of solely modern technologies.

Our applications are dedicated to: 

  • the B2B market for Installers and Service Technicians - enabling remote configuration of Viessmann devices and facilitating the automation of the installation process.
  • the B2C market for End Customers - enabling remote management of Viessmann devices in the home environment (heating - boilers and heat pumps, ventilation, air purifiers, PV systems, power solutions electric cars).

Facts about us:

  • +400 employees
  • over 10 years of experience on the IT market
  • family atmosphere (not a slogan, see for yourself)
  • the app store rating of our apps at 4.7

Why our R&D Viessmann Center is right place for you?

  • We are our own client - each release is a wonderful feeling.
  • We have a real influence on the choice of technologies we use. All you need to do is to properly justify your choice, and the company will allow you to show yourself off technologically.
  • We care for the environment and a healthy lifestyle - this is what we speak out loud about in our country.