Let’s breathe life into great tech ideas! With more than 3 200 people globally, Intellias is a company where benchmark technological solutions are born. Join in and take your part in digitalizing the world. 

What project we have for you:

Our customer is a multinational corporation with more than a century of history and offices in over 180 countries. Their most ambitious goal at the time is to introduce a range of Reduced-Risk Products (RRPs). The target audience is more than 1 billion of consumers around the globe. IT platform hosts 700+ applications.

Intellia's mission is to help the client with the engineering of a comprehensive software ecosystem for a game-changing IoT product on the margin of innovative consumer experience and cutting-edge technology. Our teams are involved in the engineering of core platform components for best in class eCommerce, Digital Marketing and IoT solutions. As a Python engineer you will become a part of Core Architecture Team and be responsible for the architecture, implementation of best practices in our Digital Engineering Enterprice Platform.

The Platform is a set of services and internet applications that accelerate the development and delivery of software applications by taking care of common SDLC challenges. The Platform provides access and consumption for engineering teams to a set of services, technologies, practices for their development and for operating their application, ensure a set of compliance and best practices.

Project is in production for 2+ years, being supported by multiple teams.

Our technical domains are:

- AWS cloud, partially Azure;

- SSO, Organizations, Service control policies, access models;

- IAAC: terraform enterprise, terratest, chalice;

- Serverless: lambda, step functions, wide range of misc automations, fargate;

- System, Application, Network and security architectures;

- Orchecstration: k8s (eks);

- SRE activities (logging, tracing, monitoring), OpsGenie, Splunk;

- Hashicorp Vault;

- Hybrid Networking.

Team Composition: 23 devops, 2 python developers, SRE: 5 devops. Location - international.

What you will do:

  • Work with DevOps team on the security-related components;
  • Create lambda functions;
  • Support DevOps engineers in Python-related tasks;
  • Work with front-end (5% of time).

What you need for this:

  • Python 3;
  • Futures;
  • Boto3;
  • Serverless;
  • AWS cloud.

Why tech pros thrive here:

At Intellias, where technology takes center stage, people always come before processes. We're dedicated to cultivating a tech-savvy environment that empowers individuals to unlock their true potential and achieve extraordinary results. Our customized benefits not only prioritize your well-being but also charge your professional growth, making this opportunity an ideal match for tech enthusiasts like you.

Intellias is a technology enabler for the world’s leading companies.

With over 3200 specialists on board, we combine engineering craftsmanship and technology expertise to solve challenges of any nature, scale, and complexity.    

The company’s development centers are located in Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, the UK, Colombia, and India. Intellias also has representative offices in Germany, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Our mission is to breathe life into great ideas with the power of digital technologies. More than two billion people around the world use technology products developed by Intellias engineers. 

Best IT Employer

We build great workplaces not for the sake of awards. Yet it’s nice to have our efforts appreciated by reputable organizations. In 2020 and 2021, the company was ranked as a top IT employer by Forbes. In 2020, Intellias was named the Employer of Choice by IT professionals according to an EY survey. Moreover, we’ve been listed among the world’s top IT service providers by Clutch, IAOP, and the GSA UK Awards.

Why Intellias 

Inspired by human genius and a drive for innovation, we create a culture based on support, respect, and empathy. We will never back down on that no matter how fast we grow. What’s important to us is attention to personality, not do-it-like-this processes. We start our day with ‘Good morning’, not status updates. There’s enough space in our office not only to work comfortably but also to craft and implement fresh ideas. We maintain a respectful, supportive atmosphere to maximize our achievements. This is the environment where Intellias benchmark tech solutions are born. 

  • A humane workplace

Intellias creates and supports a human-to-human culture. We’ll never back down on that no matter how fast we grow. We create a comfortable environment for our specialists and believe that the best tech solutions can only be developed in an atmosphere of respect and support. 

  • People over processes

We wish we could say our processes are perfect. But there’s no such thing in real life. Our processes are smart but not set in stone. They’re constantly evolving to become more convenient and provide a positive experience for everyone who works here. Quick responses to requests, open communication, no pointless processes. Got some ideas? Let us know! We’ve got a special platform for this. Want to tell us in person? Let’s discuss it over coffee. 

  • Flexible work style

Easily manage your time and workplace.
We believe that flexibility in choosing working formats results in higher productivity and commitment. Our team runs on trust and personal responsibility. You can pause your workday with just one click, do your own things, and then return to work. No need to ask for permission to go to the bank or the dentist. You can work anywhere: remotely from home, from our comfortable office space, or from your favorite coffee shop. The choice is always yours. 

  • Engineering mastery

Digital technology is our craft and our passion. Over 60% of our team are experienced software engineers with Senior and higher qualifications. We write code in different languages, but we are on the same wavelength, so we don't have to explain what SOLID or TDD is. We combine our engineering expertise and deep understanding of focus industries to solve the technology challenges of our clients in the mobility, financial services & insurance, and other spheres. 

  • Growth mindset

We are inspired by rapid growth and the opportunities it opens up. Business growth creates opportunities for people. ​People growth creates opportunities for business.​ We’ve developed an internal Career Hub platform that is a manifestation of our human approach to working processes. It puts a person at the center of multiple career options that Intellias offers and allows them to choose when and how to grow further. We encourage people to learn fast and we try things we've never done before. 

  • Equity, diversity, inclusion

We are sincerely committed to building an environment where every person feels welcome, connected, and treated equally. We believe diversity, in every form, fosters creativity and boosts ideas. It brings synergy and pushes the business forward. Committed to making an impact and leading change together, we bring technological innovation across borders and time zones to achieve lasting value. For clients, communities, and humanity. 

  • Reliable global partner

For more than twenty years, we have gathered the finest engineering minds all over the world to create next-gen digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies. We want to be reliable partners not only for our clients but also for each other, too. We nurture a culture of care, where we support one another, try new ways of doing things, make mistakes, and learn from them. Our projects are sharp and innovative; our teams are kind and respectful. We think globally and act humanly, at all times. 

Join a global team of the finest engineering minds.

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