Our a9s Platform products are used by many companies around the world to build and operate cloud-native Application Development Platforms that power the work of thousands of developers.

We are looking for senior software developers and architects to help us drive forward the evolution of our a9s Platform in the Kubernetes Ecosystem.

For more information about the job please see the section below.

  • Flexibility
  • You can choose your individual workplace and organize your flexible work time. Including working remotely from home (within Germany and Brazil).
  • Further Training
  • Comprehensive and individual training. You can choose further training offers, for example via certifications, conferences, meetups, English and German classes, and much more.
  • Community Work
  • You are invited to actively participate in workshops, conferences and meetups, such as KubeCon or CNCF Meetups, to present and discuss your innovative design and implementation approaches with the community and represent the company.
  • Use the possibility to produce content, such as technical articles, videos or talk proposals featuring your own research, design and development, to let the community know about the product(s) you’re working on.
  • Family and Professional Life
  • Profit from our family friendly and family like atmosphere. We also give the opportunity to work part-time.

  • 6+ years of experience in software development
  • Design and coding experience in distributed systems
  • Understanding and experience of ensuring maintainability throughout the life cycle of a product and ability to transfer this knowledge to the team
  • Experience in Continuous Delivery / Lean Development
  • Test driven development
  • Worked on software projects in different lifecycle stages (from conception to operations)
  • Passionate about sharing knowledge and mentoring more junior developers
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English.