Build, run and maintain the critical infrastructure that powers our FPS Gateway! 


The Platform Bare Metal team are responsible for building the infrastructure serving our on-premise Kubernetes clusters. As part of that, the team is also responsible for operating and maintaining our UK data centres. 

Form3 bare metal infrastructure underpins the FPS gateway, which is the largest payment gateway by volume that we operate. As we grow as a company and take on larger customers, the team have a key role to play to ensure our real-time payments platform can continue to scale to meet the demands of our new customers and projects.  

The team’s mission is to ensure the seamless operation and maintenance of more than 60 hypervisors, as well as the software / infrastructure as code used to provision hypervisors & virtual machines (VMs). We provide reliable and efficient VM compute services through our expertise in managing hypervisors, running a few hundred VMs across multiple environments today. 

We’re proud to be a self-sufficient, distributed team that is empowered to make their own decisions. As part of a larger Platform Engineering organisation, we’re happy to share our wisdom and help each other where we can. We collaborate with neighbouring teams to enable secure & highly available private connectivity to FPS scheme & our customers, and also between our data centres. 


At Form3 we’re a remote-first company with employees located across 20+ different countries, meaning our benefits package will differ slightly depending on where you are based. Below is a high-level overview of what we offer currently; 

  • Competitive salaries 
  • 6 weeks vacation (excluding public holidays) per year 
  • 100% remote* 
  • Flexible working (we are very supportive of non-traditional working patterns). Part-time opportunities, job sharing, and summer hours are available.  
  • Work from any of our hiring locations for up to 6 weeks per year 
  • Healthcare, dental and vision in Canada and the US 
  • Hofy credits (to rent top-quality home office equipment) 
  • Free mental health support via Spill (our all-in-one mental health support tool) 
  • Health & Wellness budget (to claim back for your yoga classes, or gym membership etc) 
  • Learning & development budget 
  • 6 learning days per year 
  • Paid meetups 
  • Unlimited access to Udemy and Perlego 
  • Strong promote-from-within culture with plenty of career progression opportunities 
  • Equipment (e.g. MacBook, magic mouse, iPhone) 


We can hire in the following locations; Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania and UK. 

Team responsibilities: 

  • Managing, operating, and ensuring the reliability of hypervisors (bare metal machines) for VM provisioning and management 
  • Deployment, maintenance, and updates of software tools critical to bare metal and VM provisioning such as Digital Rebar and Apache CloudStack 
  • Continuous improvements in our data centre maintenance process, collaborating in cross-team efforts to ensure robust and efficient operations 
  • Being on-call to ensure the seamless performance and uptime of the infrastructure & services, responding promptly to any issues or incidents 

Projects you’ll be involved with: 

  • Streamlining our approach to data centre maintenance to make it as low effort as possible 
  • Scaling out the UK data centres to meet future customer demand 
  • Improving performance of our infrastructure 
  • Improving the automation of infrastructure provisioning 

Tech stack: RackN Digital Rebar, Apache CloudStack, KVM, QEMU, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Packer 


You’re an experienced Platform Engineer with hands-on experience in managing and scaling true bare metal systems. You have a keen understanding of server hardware, have navigated the intricacies of firmware updates, and are proficient in automating server provisioning. Your passion for crafting resilient and scalable distributed systems is clear from your past projects. You thrive at the intersection of hardware and software, ensuring that our Platform runs smoothly atop a layered infrastructure. 

We’d love candidates to have: 

  • Solid grounding in system installation, including operating system installations, building system images, and automated server provisioning 
  • Experience in Infrastructure as Code patterns and practices (Terraform and Ansible are a plus) 
  • Familiarity with hardware lifecycle, including firmware patching, BIOS configuration, and component troubleshooting 
  • Knowledge of networking, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols, VLANs, and link aggregation 
  • Strong understanding of virtualization technologies like KVM and QEMU and their interaction with underlying hardware 
  • Understanding of Kubernetes and its intricacies when run on bare metal infrastructure (ideally) 
  • A background in Software Engineering and solid programming experience is beneficial but not essential (preferably Go but we're flexible on this)  
  • Enthusiasm towards ensuring a high degree of service reliability, always putting the stability & safety of our products at the forefront 
Our Story

Form3 was established in 2016 by four banking and technology leaders with a single purpose - to transform outdated, complex and costly payments infrastructure to a modern, cloud-native, real-time Payments-as-a-Service. Since then we have made enormous steps in opening up access to payment schemes for the global financial community, enabling them to scale and optimise their business operations through advanced payment technology.

What we do

We provide Banks and regulated Fintechs across the globe an end-to-end managed payments service that delivers complete payment processing, clearing and settlement to the universe of payment schemes through a single API. Our platform handles everything so you can focus more on serving your customer's needs and less on managing payments infrastructure.