• Industry: Finance/Banking
  • Remote work: 100% remote work
  • Project language: English
  • Project length: Long-term cooperation
  • Start: asap
  • B2B: Up to 180 PLN/H + VAT (depending on experience)
  • Assignment type: B2B
  • Readiness to travel (2 - 3-day visits in Scandinavia, a few times a year). 


Who are we? 

For the Advisory and Sales Banking department, we are looking for a talented Senior Frontend Developer to join a delivery team. You will work with a great group of professionals - analysts, architects, developers and testers - who take part in different initiatives connected with the credit, pension and investment solutions for the banking sector, precisely: for more than 100 Scandinavian banks. 


What can you expect? 

  • Working in an IT company providing a full stack of IT for ~100 Scandinavian banks 
  • Involvement in interesting projects for the Scandinavian banking sector 
  • Diversity of responsibilities but with a focus on business/functional analysis 
  • The great working atmosphere with an international touch, built around diversity, respect, professionalism, enthusiasm and internal support 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Flexible work arrangements 

ReactReact NativeTypeScriptJavaScriptVue.js

Our activities aim at: 

  • delivering new solutions to our customers enabling them to grow their business 
  • constant improvement of the system functionalities we already offer to our clients 
  • ensuring stability and reliability of the systems our customers use 
  • taking part in internal initiatives targeted at introducing better architecture, technologies, functionalities and innovation 
  • supporting activities around SDC business growth. 

  • Strong experience designing, architecting and implementing software solutions (frontend focus) in an enterprise environment (including microservice-style and cloud-based application architectures). 
  • Familiarity with enterprise distributed computing solutions 
  • Extensive experience working with React, React Native, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue.js 
  • Good understanding of CSS and SCSS tools and methodologies 
  • Hands-on experience with Cloud Platforms (with Azure focus) 
  • Knowledge of UML and BPMN notation and modelling tools 
  • Being used to working in a project environment, both with waterfall and Agile software delivery models 
  • Expert knowledge of SDLC tools (build systems, ticket systems, code repositories, CI etc.) 
  • Excellent oral and written English skills 

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package

Tech and soft skills interview

Wiodąca firma Konsultingu IT

emagine jest największą na rynku skandynawskim i drugą w Polsce firmą świadczącą usługi z zakresu outsourcingu i konsultingu IT. Nasze ponad 30-letnie doświadczenie na ryku gwarantuje najwyższą jakość i pełne zadowolenie zarówno klientów jak i konsultantów. Nasza centrala znajduje się w Kopenhadze. Posiadamy także biura w innych krajach Europy i Azji.

Nasza umiejętność słuchania, rozumienia i dostosowania się do priorytetów i szczególnych wyzwań, z którymi mierzą się nasi klienci i konsultanci pozwala nam wywierać realny wpływ na otoczenie i tworzyć wartość dodaną, co ostatecznie przekłada się na wartościową współpracę.

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