Dragons Lake is a multi-genre game development studio for PC and consoles. We work on top AAA titles on the market such as Outriders, The Quarry, Life is Strange, and many others. We are offering you a chance to start your career in the GameDev industry with a bang. We are looking for an exceptional candidate to develop their skills in Unreal Engine 5. After a successful internship, you'll be working on triple-A projects together with industry’s top experts.

Now, this is what we expect from you:

  • A solid grasp on spoken and written English is an absolute MUST
  • A good understanding of C++ basics: (Primitive data types, Inheritance, Polymorphism in C++, Memory model, Lambda expressions, Algorithms and Data Structures, Compilation and Linking)
  • A learner’s mindset
  • A passion for games
  • A strong command of math (Vectors, Matrices and operations with them)

This is a paid internship, so you will be fairly rewarded for your hard work. Apply now, and after the review of your application, you will get a test task. This task is going to be related to C++ fundamentals, the knowledge of which is a key to your success. Based on the results of the test task, we will invite you to a technical interview.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to utilize your C++ knowledge and enhance your expertise by creating singleplayer and multiplayer games. Throughout the program, you will gain new skills, ranging from designing game mechanics and systems to writing code related to network logic

Please remember that the slots in our internship are very much limited

Follow the link to learn more ⬇️

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely, Dragons Lake

C++Unreal Engine

This is how you get in here:

  • Send an application;
  • Do a test task – it takes 1 week ≈ 30-40 hours;
  • Have technical and soft skills interview – 1,5 hours;
  • Have final interview with the Lead trainer.

All stages take place online. Your progress will be supervised by our mentors facilitating your learning process. Your future prospects at Dragons Lake include but are not limited to joining our team as a C++ Engine/UE Developer.

Now, this is what we expect from you:

  • A solid grasp on spoken and written English is an absolute MUST
  • Good understanding of C++ basics: (primitive data types, inheritance, polymorphism in C++, memory model, lambda expressions, algorithms and data structures, compilation and linking)
  • Student thinking
  • Passion for games
  • I have a good command of mathematics (vectors, matrices and operations with them)

Pakiety i dofinansowania

  • Pakiet medyczny
  • Kursy językowe
  • Szkolenia
  • Książki

Udogodnienia w biurze

  • Zimne napoje
  • Gorące napoje
  • Owoce
  • Przekąski
  • Imprezy integracyjne

Pass the pre-screen
Complete our test task successfully - (1 week approximately)
Pass the interview with HR - (1.5 hours)
Have a final interview with a Lead instructor - (0.5 hours)
Don’t be late on your first day!

Dragons Lake is a best-in-class multi-genre game development studio providing advanced tech and design solutions for AAA/AA+ projects on PC & Consoles. We unite game dev professionals worldwide, working on high-end titles, co-developing, and porting with leading AAA publishers and developers in the industry.

We are video games craftsmen and gamers at heart, striving to scale new heights on the global market in the game dev industry. We bring ingenuity, creativity, and innovation in everything we do and go the extra mile to create extraordinary gaming experiences for all the players out there!

As part of Room 8 Group, we are a community that thrives on passion and ambition towards the gaming realm of entertainment. Don’t miss out on the career adventure of a lifetime - competitive financial reward, professional mentoring, conferences, engaging corporate life, an opportunity to work and learn in the environment of cultural diversity and inclusion.