Our application consists of three main parts: a client, an api and a backoffice admin panel. Most of our work goes into improving and maintaining these three systems.

You will work on new features of each of these systems. Some examples of potential projects are:

  • Developing new front-end functionality for our website such as notification systems, new user dashboards, etc.
  • Implementation or migrations of new and existing external API's. Think PSP, KYC provider, external banking systems, etc
  • Improvements to our admin system that allows complex loan operations such as restructuring loans, providing payment holidays, charging late-fees etc.
  • Tackling difficult technical challenges related to multi-tenancy
  • Optimizing our cloud hosting, Kubernetes cluster or application monitoring.

Ruby on Rails
Very well

As a mid-level engineer you work together with the rest of the development team on tickets in sprints with a 2-week cadence. Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Develop new features and fix bugs, where necessary with support of a senior engineer. 
  • Write tests and maintain high test coverage.
  • Code reviews. Every one of us do code reviews. We consider this an important step in our process to improve our code quality and also learn from each other.
  • Attend daily 15 minute standups and a weekly 1-hour sprint planning.
  • Proactive and inquisitive approach. Seek to understand a problem before starting to write code.
  • Be available for other developers to bounce ideas around, rubber-duck, pair-program etc. 
  • Ask questions!

  • Our development team currently consists of 3 developers and a project manager. We foster a culture of openness and understanding. Our team norms focus on mutual respect, acceptance and equality.
  • We ask questions early and take our time to answer them.
  • We work together on complex problems.
  • We share our success, but also our failures.

About you:

  • Previous experience with AWS, Docker and Kubernetes would be a plus.
  • You're familiar with Scrum and Agile working. 
  • You’re well-versed with Test-Driven Development. You write testable code and clear tests.
  • You are happy to think through problems and chat with other developers to come up with the best solution.
  • You are a team player and enjoy working with others, including designers, project managers and other stakeholders.
  • You’re open to learning about many different aspects of our business.
  • You’re excited about Lendahand’s mission.
  • You’re fluent in English.
  • Remote is an option, but we do want to meet you in person too. If remote is preferred, we'd like you to visit Rotterdam maybe once every two months.
  • You are interested to move to the Netherlands and live a commutable distance from our office. We have a cool team and we'd love to hang out with you regularly. Rotterdam is a cool city to be in (with a large Polish community!)

Optionally, you also have:

  • Experience with JavaScript, jQuery and javascript frameworks such as React.
  • Technical familiarity with fintech, crowdfunding and payment providers

Packages and extras

  • Trainings
  • Conferences
  • Books
  • Equity
  • Language courses

Relocation package

  • Visa Services
  • Adaptation tips
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Money for moving expenses


  • Bicycle parking
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Lunches
  • Shower
  • Chill room

Selection based on Resume and cover letter
Initial interview & introductions with Head of Development and a developer
Technical assignment & interview
Chat with non-technical members of our team
Chat with our CEO



Lendahand jest ambitną i szybko rozwijającą się platformą crowdfundingową stworzoną dla impact investing. Nasze biuro znajduje się w samym sercu Rotterdamu, najbardziej tętniącego życiem miasta w Holandii.

Nasza strona umożliwia inwestorom walkę z ubóstwem poprzez dofinansowanie firm i przedsiębiorców na rynkach krajów rozwijających się. Nasza ekipa zainwestowała już w ponad 20 krajach, takich jak Uganda, Mozambik, Gruzja, Kolumbia i wiele firm zajmujących się energią odnawialną, głównie w Afryce Subsaharyjskiej.

Na dzień dzisiejszy, nasz zespół zainwestował prawie 120 000 000 euro. Zazwyczaj inwestujemy 2.500.000 € miesięcznie i mamy nadzieję, że ta liczba będzie wciąż rosła. Naszym kolejnym wielkim i zuchwałym celem jest osiągnięcie 1 miliarda euro.
Zespół składa się obecnie z 24 osób. Jesteśmy radosną i zróżnicowaną mieszanką specjalistów z różnych branż: finansów, prawa, marketingu, projektowania i programowania z 12 krajów.