The role is a Hybrid role, based in an office in Warsaw, on a B2B contract with the candidate. Interact offers lots of employee benefits, on par with “UoP” employees, including paid holiday allowance, access to learning and development platforms, etc.

We're looking for pragmatic, problem-solvers, who are exceptional Technical Lead to lead a team of Full Stack .NET Developers (4-5 direct reports) - you'll be faced with big problems, large projects, and build things that reach millions of users. Do you have deep expertise in .NET/C# alongside a healthy dose of SQL, and web applications experience? We'd love to talk to you!

Interact provides enterprise-grade SaaS intranet service that connects over three million employees to leading global names like Levi's, Domino’s, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Sony PlayStation.

.NETMS SQLAgileLeadership
Very well
JavaScriptProject Management

  • Work closely with the Head of Engineering and Head of Software Delivery to ensure the projects on the product roadmap are moving as planned, whilst flagging any risks, and slippages, and helping find mitigations, so as not to impact other work 
  • Lead and participate in project whiteboarding sessions, facilitating technical deep dives to understand the work and complexities involved in the implementation, to uncover gotchas, debt, and nuances that will inevitably impact the estimates 
  • Lead a team of skilled Software Engineers and help them grow and improve their skills 
  • Work with your team on the Progression Framework, to understand their competencies, and areas for growth, and work with the Head of Engineering and Head of Software Delivery to facilitate work planning to help the team learn and grow in the identified areas 
  • Foster an atmosphere of trust and open dialogue – Interact promotes an idea-meritocratic environment, where the best ideas win, and discussions are driven by facts and logic 
  • Lead PR reviews and own the technical diligence steps of your projects 
  • Participate in Risk Reviews of the releasable work, educate the business of risks (if any) with the planned releases, and work towards mitigations (eg. backward compatibility, API schema changes, potential breaking changes, etc.) 
  • Get hands-on with technical work to provide hands-on guidance for the team, and ensure the projects are done to your level of quality – this part is crucial 
  • Work with the core teams to plan features and functionality for the product 
  • Identify areas for improvement in the Engineering lifecycle, codebase, architecture, etc., and work with the Head of Engineering to put proposals together for larger changes 
  • Work with the team to reduce the entropy of the system – leave it better than you found it – make sure to keep open comms with other teams in the process for knowledge sharing, and to invite any missing context 
  • Make sure Jira, and project planning/management tasks are kept up to date, and the teams that rely on this information have what they need at a glance

  • You’re the person the business comes to with complex problems that most others can’t solve, as you’re trusted, proven, and they know you’ll not overcomplicate the problem, and get from A to B using the most direct way (within reason) accurately addressing the problem 
  • Able to quickly conceptualize new problems, break them down, and participate in educated discussions on your feet 
  • Strong experience in people management – understanding how to measure performance, improve it, and help the team grow 
  • Strong experience running projects – great organization skills, making sure the relevant people are always in the know, and Jira is reflecting the state of play 
  • Strong experience dealing with projects that don’t go to plan – how to rescue projects that are falling behind, or have been subject to unknown complexities, etc. 
  • Excellent engineering skills – you’re the best Engineer (or one of the best) in your company 
  • Lots of experience with .NET and ASP.NET solutions (preferred) 
  • Strong frontend experience (JS, HTML, CSS) is a bonus – (React, Vue, jQuery, LESS, etc.) 
  • Strong experience using Jira and working in a deadline/sprint-oriented environment 
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills 
  • Strong experience working with REST APIs, and Authentication paradigms like OAuth 
  • Commercial experience with Elastic Search, and Redis is advantageous 
  • You are not a technical magpie, chasing the latest, shiniest frameworks, and tech stacks – you pick the right tool for the job and approach the task pragmatically with an eye to what is appropriate for the business 

Packages and extras

  • Books
  • Language courses
  • Conferences
  • Trainings

Relocation package

  • Open to Ukrainian candidates


  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks

30 Minute First Stage Interview
2-3 Hours Take Home Tech Challenge
90 Minute Final Stage Interview

Interact provides enterprise-grade intranet software that connects over three million employees to leading global names like Levi's, Domino’s, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Sony PlayStation.

Interact is Head Quartered in Manchester, UK, with offices in, New York, Tulsa, and Warsaw, we operate across North America, EMEA, and Australia. Interact serve Enterprise customers around the world, and operate a very large-scale global SaaS service focused on delivering best-in-class internal communications software, desired to serve global enterprises ranging from 10s to 100s of thousands of employees.

Mission: Our mission is to inform and connect every organization's greatest asset: its people.

We are looking for passionate technology-focused individuals to join us in disrupting the digital workplace. If you're a great engineer, and you're looking for a challenge, where you can make a difference - get in touch!

Progression Framework:


Engineering Blog:


We cultivate an environment of excellence in engineering – bringing in experts, providing context, and trusting them to deliver outstanding results. Our software is the lifeblood of our business, so we care deeply about consistently delivering quality products to market, which means a focus on deliverability and customer obsession.

The tech stack is mostly based on the Microsoft stack, with the solution written in .NET, with a MS SQL database. The frontend users a mixture of technologies ranging from vanilla JS, HTML, CSS, to React and components in Vue.js. Search is powered by ElasticSearch, and caching is powered by Redis distributed clusters. The service is hosted on AWS globally, and is responsible for serving millions of users, and tens of billions of web requests each month. The solution is a multi-tenanted, SaaS solution. We are currently in the process of moving to .NET 6 and Linux-based container hosting, and modernizing core parts of the application. There are normally several streams of work at any point in time, from BAU (Business as Usual) bug-fixing work, to new feature projects (based on the Product roadmap), and platform work (framework changes, stability, performance, scalability, etc.)

Our Engineering department is composed of several technical squads, QA squads, and dedicated teams such as Product, Cloud, Tech Support, etc. Our Engineers are always encouraged to make the solution better, propose ideas, and to learn on the job by aligning areas of interest with upcoming projects, which ties into our Progression Framework used to promote growth within the team.