At Duco, we like to treat people a little differently.  That’s why our Glassdoor feedback shows more than 79% of our employees would recommend us as an employer.

So instead of this advert listing multiple hoops you have to jump through just to get a call with us, we’ll focus instead on what WE can offer YOU.

A growing company with a strong future:

We help companies solve their most complex data problems with our uniquely fast and easy-to-use software.  Simple as that. 

Our customers already include many of the world’s top financial institutions, and we’re growing fast, even in the current economic climate. We’re also backed by some of the best software investors in the world.

A role where you can make a real difference:

Duco’s Developer Effectiveness Team improves the productivity of our engineering teams. As a Software Engineer in this team you will be working alongside other Engineers and QA Engineers to help them build the product more effectively, efficiently, and to a high quality.This role will involve working on many different things throughout the year.

Very well
JavaAgileCI/CDSoftware Tasting

our day to day work may include:

  • Improving how we build and test our software 
  • Increasing development velocity through CI/CD improvements
  • Improving how we operate our software
  • Assisting with test automation
  • Working with engineers to improve the local kubernetes development experience
  • Creating and improving internal tools
  • Spearheading code improvement e.g. remove dead code/features, refactoring, etc.

Using an exciting tech stack:

We mainly use the following technologies:

Java, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and React - to build our software

  • Docker, Helm and Kubernetes - to run our software in containers
  • Terraform and AWS - to provision and run our infrastructure
  • Prometheus and Elasticsearch - to monitor “all the things”
  • Selenium and RestAssured - to functionally test our applications
  • Gatling - to performance test our applications

  • Really solid Java (or similar language) skills
  • Experience in development in agile software development teams

In depth experience with one or more of the following:

  • Bazel 
  • Open Telemetry/Observability 
  • Performance Testing 
  • End-to-end testing 
  • Testing in production 
  • Kubernetes 
  • CI/CD
  • A desire to solve problems and learn continuously 
  • Have solution-focussed approach and fluent communication skills in English

Work at Duco

WE’RE NOT A TYPICAL EMPLOYER We believe that everyone does their best and achieves their full potential when they’re happy and engaged. Everyone should love what they do and feel proud of their work. That means:
 * You get a genuine voice in what we do and how it’s done 
 * You can expect us to always communicate honestly and openly, whether the news is good or bad 
* You’ll be part of a culture built on trust, support, and knowledge sharing (no-one micromanages here) 
* We believe in collaboration and sharing success, not in red tape 
* You’ll be encouraged to explore new ideas, try different things, and ask questions

Data Platform

The Duco Platform brings together data prep, data quality, reconciliation and lineage across enterprise. It delivers rapid deployment of no-code, machine learning powered solutions that enables our clients to build a single source of truth for mission-critical data across their organisation.

Data Prep

A new way to gather, normalise and transform your operational data immediately, without coding. Perfect for highly controlled and regulated environments.


Duco Alpha – our machine learning engine – speeds up set up even further by analysing data and suggesting field matches to minimise manual work. Ingest and normalise data from multiple flat files, with no need for coding, uses our unique Natural Rule Language.

New Products

Part of our strategy for this year is to build from scratch new products, we are happy to tell you more during interview process.