The Engineering Team builds next-generation systems for content management and distribution in the Media and Entertainment industry. Disney, NBCUniversal, Discovery, BBC, and many other content producers and publishers use our products and services to make the most of their file-based and live content for the least effort.

We work with high-quality video in real-time and non-real-time scenarios across a wide range of cutting-edge tech. Specializations within the group span from low-level video manipulation and analysis, through back-end management and orchestration services, to web delivered UIs. Working in parallel with these teams is the Scientific Computing Group who work in computer vision, data science and machine learning, taking experiments in Jupyter notebooks through to deployment in production. This makes for a challenging and rewarding engineering experience of continual learning and plenty of opportunity to explore different parts of the stack.

We work in agile, low-bureaucracy, cross-functional teams spread across the world. It’s a highly creative work environment where the team is built on trust and is relaxed, open and welcoming to all.

Evertz has engineering offices in Canada, England, Scotland, India, and now it's time for Poland!

JS/TS/RustProtocolsTCPJSONCI/CDMicroservicesGitPython/JavaAWSREST API

 As a Software Development Engineer In Test, you will be part of a development feature team focused on the delivery of software to meet our customer’s needs. You will help manage the E2E automation test suite, keeping it healthy and running after each version upgrade. You will document changes and write instruction manuals for others to replicate your work. You will contribute to our development and testing efforts by ensuring the correct execution of automated tests and bug fixes for minor issues within your team. 

This role is within research and development and involves being responsible for the successful delivery of features to our customers. We work to develop a software as a service (SaaS) application in amazon web services (AWS) in a microservice environment basing all testing efforts on the test pyramid model. We are always working with our engineers on their career progression aspirations, working on a case-by-case plan for career development. This role is perfect for a test-automation engineer looking to take the next step towards software development. You will be exposed to a lot of the inner workings of development, cutting-edge technology, as well as our full tech stack. 

Skills and Experience you will bring:

  • Proficient in at least one of these languages: Python, Java, JS/TS, Rust.
  • Experience in building out E2E test suites and writing effective integration, API contract and unit tests.
  • Knowledge of various API standards & protocols like REST, TCP, and JSON schema.
  • Strong knowledge of microservices & cloud-based architecture.
  • Experience with AWS architecture and tools, Infrastructure as code.
  • Knowledge of version control tools preferably Git, and experience using CI/CD tools.

Additional skills and experience that are desired:

  • Experience working with developers as part of a feature team.
  • Knowledge of various deployment strategies.
  • Understand Observability and experience in data monitoring tools.
  • Good documentation and demonstration skills.

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package


  • Car parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Integration events

Screening with recruiter (30min)
Technical interview with 2 Hiring Managers (about 90min)
*Interview with CTO (up to 30min)-> for Seniors only*