Project related to IoT applications (in medicine, healthcare, beauty). The hired person will develop and maintain key backend components, including databases, web services and analytical components.


✓ Development and maintenance of key backend components, including database, web services, analytical components, and AI / ML processes.
✓ Working in a small backend team in the microservices architecture written in Python (FastAPI)
✓ A platform built on the basis of asynchronous communication on Apache Pulsar
✓ Additional interfaces use GraphQL, gRPC
✓ SQL / NoSQL databases, including - PostgreSQL, MongoDB
✓ The solution is maintained in a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, with infrastructure managed by Terraform.
✓ CD / CI - GitHub Actions
✓ Caring for the quality of the code, high test coverage, and the use of the latest libraries
✓ Working in Agile methodology using the Atlassian stack (Jira + Confluence) and GitHub
✓ Creation of new e2e processes - from collecting requirements, through concept proposals to final implementation

✓ 5+ years of experience in using Python in a professional context
✓ 2+ years of experience in backend programming
✓ Good code debugging skills
✓ Experience in writing unit tests using mocks
✓ Experience in designing and optimizing SQL and NoSQL databases
✓ Solid knowledge of object-oriented design
✓ English B2/C1

Nice to have:

✓ Experience with microservice-based architecture projects
✓ Experience with message queuing and gRPC architecture
✓ Knowledge of the Fast API framework
✓ Experience with Infrastructure-as-code (Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform)
✓ Knowledge of GitHub Actions
✓ Knowledge of web technologies (ReactJS, Javascript)

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package



Hello, Sailor! We’ve been expecting you. Our cult of 80 is still hungry for new believers.

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