We are looking for an experienced Data/Analytics Engineer who wants to help both Silicon Valley startups and enterprise clients build the next generation of innovative data-driven products. Sound like your kind of thing? Join our Data Science team and have an impact on its direction while building meaningful products and learning a lot.

By joining our Data Science team, you will be working on projects that usually last around 3-6 months and can involve design, development, QA and product management. Usually, you can expect to work on only one project at a time and be involved from start to finish.


Your Role Will Be To

  • Help define data products for various companies while understanding business requirements
  • Design, build, launch and maintain efficient and reliable data pipelines to move and transform data (both large and small amounts) across several platforms
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional agile team that includes business, data science, engineering, design, testing and product management
  • Help craft the direction of Data Science at STRV
  • Individually develop to continue growing your impact and mentoring peers both internally and externally (various conferences and meetups)

We Expect You To Have

  • Proficient knowledge in SQL along with experience with Relational Databases (such as MySQL, Postgres) and Data Warehouses (such as Snowflake, BigQuery)
  • Strong experience with schema design and dimensional data modeling
  • Experience with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Experience with data pipelines (batch or streaming) design, implementation and maintenance
  • A strong analytical mindset, problem-solving skills and a passion for solving business problems using data
  • A self-starter approach and a passion for exploring and learning new things, as well as explaining those things to others
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal (in English)


  • Proven software engineering skills across multiple languages, including but not limited to Python, and C/C++ or Java/Scala
  • Experience with NoSQL datastores (such as HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB) and Search Systems (such as ElasticSearch, Solr)
  • Practical knowledge of Cloud Computing platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with querying massive datasets using tools like Spark
  • Experience with handling data infrastructure
  • A degree in Computer Science or a related technical or analytical field

Relocation package

  • Adaptation tips
  • Temporary housing
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Flight ticket

Preliminary video call with Kamila
Test project
Technical round with team lead
Executive interview with CTO



STRV is a software design and engineering team. We’ve earned the trust of industry leaders and bold dreamers the likes of ClassDojo, Barnes & Noble, Minted, Barry’s, MedMen, Autodesk, The Athletic and more.

Here since 2004, we believe in taking on challenges. In turn, we challenge ourselves and our partners, molding every idea into something exceptional.

Our vision is not a convoluted puzzle. It’s simple and honest: We want to do top work. Every design, every line of code, is something STRV proudly stands behind. And this is possible only thanks to our biggest asset — the team.

We are curious individuals that stay busy, and we like it that way. Transform a crazy idea into a product impossible to ignore? We're in. Provide guidance and structure while we're at it? That's what we do.

Fearlessly going all in is what STRV was built on. Our feet may be firmly on the ground today, but our restless resolve isn't going anywhere.