A 30-people-in-team Software House from Gdańsk is looking for a tech-savvy and fast-learning Junior Frontend Developer who wants to work in a corporate-free atmosphere. Apart from you, we have a few other Frontend Devs in the team who will help you spread your wings ⭐
We started with the need to build our own product. Besides that, we also support our clients from other industries (HealthTech, Retail, EdTech, FinTech, Gaming)

  • Main technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, React Native, Angular 2+
  • The project you’ll start with - EdTech platform, long-term, international
  • Working from the Gdańsk office under the friendly eye of experienced developers

JavaScript/TypeScriptReact.jsReact NativeAngular

In return, you can expect…

As DLabs.AI employee :

  • clear terms agreement
  • transparent evaluation process, as well as an annual process of salary increase 
  • clear career and development path (during and after onboarding process)
  • benefits after onboarding (health care, gym membership, cafeteria platform)
  • macOS (Macbook M1) / Linux - co preferujesz
  • a kitchen full of your favorite food (snacks, drinks, sweets :)
  • annual big team-building meetings and smaller ones anytime we need it :drink:
  • real influence on the company you work in

As a Junior and new on board :

  • support during a job change and onboarding process
  • dedicated mentor to support you in your DLabs adventure
  • flawless time during the onboarding process - we believe there is time to learn, and time to make mistakes
  • space and time for self-development

As a team-player:

  • young and energetic (after a second coffee ;) team ready to share the knowledge
  • direct work with people around the project - your decision matters
  • Weekly Guilds meeting with Frontend team members
  • pair programming sessions
  • chance to explore multiplatform development (web, iOS, Android)
  • chance to explore Node.js

If you…

  • are nice and friendly person :)
  • have the hunger for constant growth
  • prefer changing and challenging environment to dull one
  • want to work as a part of the TEAM with the big “T”
  • are not afraid to take the bull by the horns 
  • would like to work with people like above

You will definitely make an impression on us during the behavioral interview

If you...

  • worked on commercial projects for at least 6 months using JavaScript or TypeScript
  • worked with technologies such as React.js, React Native, Angular 2+
  •  can read this post without Googling every two words  because your English is fluent (B2)

You will make an impression on us also during the technical part of the recruitment process!

In addition, if you...

  • know how to work Scrum and Agile
  • know how to use Jira & Confluence
  • want to explore development workflow
  • or you are ready to get to know all above

You may get a golden ticket to our team!

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Trainings
  • Books
  • Conferences

Relocation package

  • Adaptation tips
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Open to Ukrainian candidates


  • Cold beverages
  • Car parking
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Lunches
  • Bicycle parking
  • Shower
  • Integration events

Behavioral interview
Technical assasment and interview
CEO interview



25 years ago, in an Olsztyn hospital, a 10-year-old boy heard the diagnosis - type I diabetes. The only thing he could understand was that his ailments finally got a name. Unfortunately, he was not the only child to hear these words that day. Growing up, gaining knowledge and technical experience, he wondered what he could do to help himself and others in a similar situation.

Today this boy is our CEO, and we, the DLABS.AI team, are creating AI-based solutions to ensure that the life of those 10 years old boys with diabetic diagnoses will be more manageable every day. Using our talents and skills today, we also work with our clients to make their life easier by working on projects and creating products to help them grow their businesses.