At the beginning of 2021, we created a QA Team that currently consists of 4 specialists. Due to a large number of new projects and growing QA needs, we are looking to expand this team.

You can read about some of our projects and clients on our website (Our Services page) or Clutch. The important aspect is that we mainly work with startups, so our projects are early in the development stage. This means that you don't need to worry about maintaining legacy systems.

Very well

We are looking for a person who will become a part of our on-site team that includes engineers, designers and a Project Manager. Above all, you will cooperate with our engineers and help them with ensuring the quality of the software. This can include testing the app, developing and maintaining QA processes, and possibly using or developing tools to automate and improve those processes.

It is very important for us to give you room for growth, which is why we have a growth plan prepared for you. If you are interested in programming, we believe that with our support you could become a Software Engineer. We will help you choose a programming language to specialize in, as well as provide you with a project to work whose team members will support you in your transition. We estimate that you should work as a QA Automation Engineer for about 2 years, and you can move into the next step – Software Engineer.

We will give you a freedom of action within the team, so we expect you to be an independent, meticulous, and detail-oriented individual. It is important to us that you understand the role of QA within the software development process well. We require you to have some experience in a similar position as well. It would also be helpful if you had some experience in at least one project where you were the main person responsible for QA.

Above all, we require:

  • knowledge of automatic E2E scripts, using tools such as Cypress, Selenium or Detox,
  • good command of at least one programming language – preferred JavaScript,
  • good communication skills (in Polish and English) – you will be closely working with the whole team: engineers, PM, designers and to some degree the client. Your daily tasks will require communication mostly with our local team, but some things will be discussed directly with the client,
  • independence – you have to organize your own work. You will be responsible for taking care of quality assurance procedures (choosing tools, analyzing data, being involved in the release, etc.),
  • good analytical skills – you will work with complex business requirements, and you should be able to help the development team with ensuring the quality of the software we create,
  • precision, and attention to detail – you will execute manual tests and report bugs to software engineers.

Packages and extras

  • Leisure package
  • Leisure package for families
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Books
  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families


  • Chill room
  • Integration events
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Car parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Shower

Software Mansion


We are a team of engineers with strong technical know-how, and we enjoy complicated, unconventional projects. We are based in Kraków, Poland, but our clients come mostly from New York and San Francisco Bay Area.

Work culture

We draw from the experience of working with global startups and lead our projects using agile software development methodologies. We are quick to react to the changes in product development, and we are always ready for the plot twists.

Team & Technology
As the challenges we like to take on are exceptional, we focus on building an exceptionally talented team. We hire developers who are flexible, willing to change projects and learn new technologies.

We choose our technologies based on whether it is the best fit for the project. While we have always been happy to try out new, cutting-edge technologies, we choose them by reason, not by fleeting trends. In most of our projects, we use React, React Native, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails and Elixir — but we do not like to limit ourselves.

Open source
We build our own tools. We actively contribute to open source, working, among others, on Expo, Membrane, React Native Reanimated and Gesture Handler.

Sharing our expertise

App.js Conf
We organize the very first React Native & Expo conference in Europe. During App.js Conf attendees can meet the creators of Expo and core contributors to React Native. They can learn about new libraries and projects first-hand and network with hundreds of other React Native professionals.

React Native Community Kraków (RNCK)
We host regular meetups for the local React Native enthusiasts. During those events everyone can meet core members of the community, learn and share ideas.

Software Mansion Academy
Series of webinars delivered by React Native experts, organized by Software Mansion and partners.

We organize virtual classes with industry experts, so anyone can bring their mobile app development skills to a higher level, without leaving home.

Join our team in Kraków!
We put a lot of energy into creating a welcoming and comfortable workplace. We strive to maintain a good atmosphere and pay a lot of attention to the way jobs are carried out.
If that sounds interesting to you, check out our open positions.