You are conscientious, persistent and ambitious. You enjoy developing surprising solutions to complex problems. Does this sound like you? 

In this role you will be responsible for designing test cases suitable for existing modular problems or environments, testing application system functions and finding application problems, collecting application and system logs. 

  • Designing test cases appropriate to existing module problems or environments;
  • Testing application system functions
  • Finding application issues, gathering application and system logs (crashes, performance logs, power consumption logs, stability logs, network protocol logs);
  • Drivers test for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC;
  • Testing call quality, determining call quality factors;
  •  Multimedia testing (camera, voice/video codecs, streaming applications)

  • Good knowledge of Android devices: differences between OS versions, Google services dependencies and usage, user and developer settings
  • Knowledge of mobile devices’ wireless technologies, multimedia, codecs, and use cases
  • Experience in system/application troubleshooting, including capturing logs such as Logcat/Systrace, HCI logs, TCP dumps
  • Understanding of how the features of mobile, wearable and smart appliance devices are designed (usage of sensors, wireless communication protocols)
  • Knowledge of the EU market for mobile devices, wearables, and smart appliances
  • Practical experience with IoT device testing, including non-functional testing experience
  • Self – reliance in task performing
  • Professional and clear issue description and reporting
  • Strong focus on getting tasks done, and on providing timely reports
  • Sense of esthetics when producing guide materials
  • The advantage will be the availability for two-week business trips

Pakiety i dofinansowania

  • Pakiet medyczny
  • Szkolenia
  • Pakiet sportowy
  • Premie

Udogodnienia w biurze

  • Parking dla rowerów
  • Parking dla samochodów
  • Owoce
  • Gorące napoje
  • Zimne napoje
  • Pokój relaksu

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