At Transporeon we embrace transformation and change in total sync with one another. We rethink, reinvent and rework ideas from one moment to the next – as many times as is necessary to get the job done right. That’s how we respond to the new challenges that we face each and every day. And regardless of whether you are just starting your career or are already a pro – we believe you can be the transformation. Are you ready?

Very well

Our team Emerald is ready and waiting with ...

  • a chance to develop and improve own product, Time Slot Management for Retail customers, a platform where millions of time slots are booked yearly and which can optimize the efficiency of warehouse functions as well as significantly reduce waiting time of the trucks on warehouse yard (
  • an agile diverse cross-functional team (developers, QA, UX and product manager) which is fun to work with
  • empowerment of every team member to take ownership of the application and bring your ideas and skills to the benefit of the project
  • various possibilities for your professional development, personal training budget and broad learning options
  • option of home-office contract for candidates who are not located close to our offices

Possible countries of employment:

Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal 

Our tech-stack:

  • Type of position: Front-end: Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS / HTML, Nx, Docker
  • Design System with Custom UI component library built on storybook
  • State Management: NgRx / Redux
  • Project management tool: JIRA, Version control tool: Git
  • Testing: Unit tests: Jest, E2E tests: cypress
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Docker
  • Infrastructure: AWX

You are ready if you have ...

  • the willingness to participate on our mission to digitize logistics world by bringing modern solutions to the users, which significantly improve their daily work
  • the ability to transfer ideas or customer wishes into solutions and features
  • self-discipline and organization skills so even if working remotely, everybody can rely on you and the quality of your work
  • a professional enterprise experience of at least 3 years in Front End Development.
  • an openness to work in an agile environment where you are expected to overtake ownership of your application together with your cross-functional team
  • a team-spirit to see the big picture and a common goal


Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package
  • Leisure package for families
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Books

Relocation package

  • Visa Services


  • Car parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Integration events

TRANSPOREON Group is one of the European market leaders for e-logistics. We connect manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with their logistics service providers through cloud-based software solutions.

Not only economic, but also ecological optimization potentials are fully used thanks to our products. We combine challenging assignments with a friendly working environment.

We are bound together by our shared goals and vision for the company, even though we often come from very different backgrounds in terms of experience, culture and language.

We trust in our abilities and dare to try out new things. The TRANSPOREON Group is an exciting place for fresh ideas - in many different locations around the world.